Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

We recognize the courage it takes for sexual abuse survivors to come forward. Doing so, though, allows justice to be served and protects other people from similar abuse. Motley Rice attorneys represent child victims of sexual abuse, adults who were sexually abused as children and other sexual assault survivors. We file survivors' cases anonymously in order to protect their privacy.

While we know that predators deserve blame, we also know that mandatory reporters, as well as others responsible with protecting children, who helped predators through silence or inaction should also be held accountable. This includes schools, churches and summer camps. In our experience, schools or other responsible organizations sometimes ignore the warning flags or reports of abuse. This serious violation of the mandatory reporting law allows predators to continue abusing innocent children.

Skip ReVille Abuse Allegations

As longtime child advocates, parents and Lowcountry residents, we too were shocked by the news of Charleston-area coach and teacher Skip ReVille's alleged and admitted crimes and want to help his survivors.

Our sexual abuse lawyers want to help ReVille's survivors begin to heal and prevent similar tragedies. That's why, besides working to bring about civil justice for our clients, our team works to help hold ReVille criminally responsible. Along with our co-counsel Bill Nixon, who focuses his practice on criminal law, Motley Rice's team of sexual abuse lawyers are working with the Solicitor's office to hold ReVille criminally responsible and remove as much stress as possible from our clients and their families.

Motley Rice sexual abuse lawyers believe that any school, church or summer camp mandatory reporters who knew about ReVille's sexually abusive behavior and failed to notify law enforcement committed gross negligence. We believe that reckless oversight and irresponsible silence about what certain institutions knew or suspected allowed ReVille to continue abusing children for nearly a decade. 

Contact a Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you or your child is or has been a victim of sexual abuse and you would like to discuss your potential legal options with one of our attorneys, please call 1.800.768.4026 or email Joe Rice, David Hoyle, Laura Khare or Marlon Kimpson directly. Our initial consultation is free and confidential.

Sexual Abuse in Schools

Reports of child sexual abuse occurring in schools and universities was widely covered in 2011 and continues to be. In South Carolina, Skip ReVille was arrested for child sexual abuse and named multiple victims. ReVille held numerous teaching, coaching and volunteer positions in the Charleston, S.C., area, including positions with:

  • The Citadel
  • Coastal Christian Preparatory School
  • Bishop England High School
  • Moultrie Middle School
  • Rollings Middle School
  • Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department
  • Velocity Sports Performance
  • Eastbridge Presbyterian Church 

Child Sexual Abuse Defined

Child sexual abuse includes any sexual act directed toward a child by an adult or older or more powerful child. It can take many forms, including:

  • Sexual touching and fondling
  • Exposing a child to pornographic materials, adult sexual activity or sexually explicit talk
  • Genital exposure, including photographing the child's genitals or the child in a sexual position
  • Oral sex
  • Non-contact grooming 
  • Any type of penetration

Childhood Sexual Abuse Symptoms

Children who were sexually abused may tell someone it happened. They may also reveal the abuse through their behavior, including:

  • Avoids undressing or wears extra layers of clothing
  • Depression
  • Display promiscuity or seductive behaviors
  • Disruptive or inattentive actions
  • Lacks social skills
  • Low self-esteem
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Regressive behaviors (thumb-sucking, bedwetting, fear of the dark)
  • Skipping school
  • Sudden decline in school performance
  • Unusual and age-inappropriate interest in sexual matters

Research shows, however, that intervention can lessen abuse's negative impact. This means that survivors of childhood abuse can become healthy and productive adults.

Mandatory Reporters

Parents correctly expect schools, churches, summer camps, and their leaders to protect the children in their care.  Under South Carolina law, these types of people must report suspected child abuse to the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) or law enforcement:

  • Allied health professionals 
  • Childcare workers in childcare centers and foster care facilities
  • Clergy members, including Christian Science Practitioners and religious healers
  • Computer technicians
  • Dentists 
  • Doctors 
  • Foster parents 
  • Mental health professionals
  • Nurses 
  • Optometrists 
  • Other medical and emergency medical services professionals 
  • People who process film
  • Police and law enforcement officers 
  • School counselors 
  • School principals, and assistant principals 
  • School teachers and attendance officers 
  • Social or public assistance workers 
  • Substance abuse treatment staff  

South Carolina Medical and Therapeutic Resources

If you are an abuse survivor or believe your child may be an abuse victim, these resources may be helpful:

Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center

Dorchester Children's Center

National Crime Victims Center at MUSC

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