Plane Crash Cases

Aviation plane crash cases are highly technical and multifaceted. In addition to grieving over the loss of a loved one, family members considering legal action may be overwhelmed by this unique area of law. At Motley Rice, we work to give our clients the power, information and means to take control in the aftermath of an aviation disaster.

Our team, assembled to fight for airplane crash and disaster victims, continues to respond to the ever-growing aviation industry. Unlike most firms, we proudly take both passenger and crew cases and work as hard for families involved in private plane accidents as for those involved in commercial air crashes. Commercial air plane crashes are frequently more prominent as they involve more victims and well-known carriers and are, therefore, more highly publicized. In actuality, most air crashes result from non-commercial flights, also known as personal, on-demand or general aviation.

As one of the largest plaintiffs' firms in the United States, Motley Rice has a global reach, the professional experience and the financial resources to investigate, litigate and resolve aviation crash cases in U.S. and international court systems on behalf of clients residing virtually anywhere in the world. By maintaining relationships with the most current aviation and disaster analyst experts, our firm remains at the forefront of both the legal and technical aspects of this complex area of law. In addition, Motley Rice is respected by co-counsel for our experience in complex litigation. Our clients are often referred to us by highly respected law firms or the clients' local attorneys who rely on Motley Rice for leadership in complex litigation.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a plane crash or aviation incident, contact attorney Mary Schiavo by email or call 1.800.868.6456 .