Defective Products

Our catastrophic injury attorneys represent people suffering from fatal or serious injuries caused by defective products, unsafe environments and catastrophic events. We understand how tragic events and disasters affect the lives of our clients and our communities. While we initially pursue medical costs compensation, we seek further compensation for the long-term needs of the permanently disabled, lost income and/or reduced life span where appropriate.

Motley Rice has the resources necessary to take on complex, challenging cases while working diligently with victims and their families. Our team is experienced in establishing the technical parts of serious personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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Personal Safety at Risk

Consumer and worker safety is too often compromised by negligence, poor manufacturing, inadequate quality, product recalls, or inadequate warnings or labels on a wide range of products, from cars, motorcycles and other passenger vehicles, medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs, to household products, toys, child safety seats, appliances, machinery and more.

Every year, thousands of Americans are seriously or fatally injured by unsafe products and environments. Such tragedies often result in brain injuries, head trauma, spinal cord injury, disfigurement, paralysis, burns or amputation. Children can be especially vulnerable to serious brain injury. Our attorneys work closely with clients to identify long-term care needs and medical costs and to seek just compensation when a wrongdoer may be accountable for injury.

Companies have a duty to protect consumers and workers using their products in reasonable, foreseeable ways whether it is from manufacturers in the product development stage or vendors at the point of sale. When they breach this duty, manufacturers, distributors and vendors of a product may be liable.

Working for Change

In many cases, our attorneys work to promote changes in safety standards and permanent improvements in the marketplace and workplace. Our passionate advocacy includes our efforts to achieve safer working conditions, reliable products and the improved health and welfare of consumers, workers and other innocent individuals.