Co-Counsel Resources

Together co-founders Ron Motley and Joe Rice established strong relationships. We continue to encourage and embrace these relationships which have evolved into a global network of lawyers that enables Motley Rice to offer an extensive range of legal services and represent clients anywhere in the United States and several countries around the world. 

Motley Rice attorneys strongly believe in the power of the civil justice system to right wrongs and demand accountability. We continually develop efficient, innovative and aggressive approaches to fighting on behalf of those who have suffered due to corporate wrongdoing, and our co-counsel relationships are among our most valued resources in this regard.

We know that teamwork is as equally important as leadership, and our co-counsel relationships not only increase our ability to communicate effectively with clients but also add to our diversity of experience, strengthen our litigation capabilities and allow us to better serve as a voice for victims of wrongdoing.

We look forward to speaking with you in detail about collaborating on cases and encourage you to explore our specific practice group information or reach out to our lawyers to discuss your client's case or current industry trends.