About Drug Lawsuits

Although prescription drugs can improve medical conditions and enhance quality of life, they do carry their own health risks. Drug manufacturers must properly research medications and adhere to the FDA approval process. Most importantly, drug manufacturers must fully disclose the health risks of prescription drugs to patients and health care providers.

Motley Rice is currently litigating cases or is interested in representing clients concerning serious injury or wrongful death after taking certain prescription drugs. For more information, contact attorney Fred Thompson by email or call 1.800.768.4026.

Prescription drugs may be harmful or dangerous if drug manufacturers do not responsibly manage their drug products, including failing to:

  • thoroughly study the product both pre- and post-FDA approval
  • properly analyze research and study results
  • monitor, report and analyze adverse events and drug reactions
  • appropriately market the product and follow regulations
  • properly educate health care providers and patients about benefits and risks of the product

Our Experience with Drug Lawsuits

Our attorneys have the necessary experience, creativity and resources to litigate drug cases and seek legal recourse on behalf of those injured by prescription drugs. We have represented clients injured by a variety of drugs, including NuvaRing®, Paxil® and Vioxx®, and we are prepared to handle the complex legal and scientific issues that may arise in a drug case. In addition to helping our clients, we believe that prescription drug lawsuits have the potential to change the way the industry practices and may save many lives.

Motley Rice represents individuals harmed by prescription drugs in claims against drug manufacturers, which typically fall into the following categories:

  • Strict liability claims focus on the drug and whether it has a defect that makes it unreasonably unsafe.
  • Negligence claims are based on whether the manufacturer has acted with reasonable care in developing, manufacturing and marketing the drug or product.