Motley Rice attorneys work to unearth accountability and obtain recovery for clients suffering from personal injury, property damage and economic loss related to negligent environmental practices. The Environmental practice group represents clients in environmental contamination, lead poisoning, corporate misconduct and natural resource damages cases. We represent individuals, communities, cities and states to create cleaner, safer places to live.

Motley Rice is currently accepting BP oil spill clients, as well as clients who were exposed to nuclear radiation while living or working in Western Pennsylvania's Parks Township-Apollo area. Please contact us if you'd like to explore your rights.

Environmental Contamination Legal Action

The Environmental team at Motley Rice understands how damaging environmental contamination can be to people's health and a community's economic welfare and have experience working with complex environmental contamination legal issues. Motley Rice's attorneys have litigated a variety of environmental damages cases on behalf of individuals and entire communities who have suffered personal injury and severe economic loss, seeking not only recovery but pollution clean-up and improved environmental standards. The firm is also representing clients in cases related to the BP Gulf Coast oil spill. Learn more about Motley Rice's involvement in environmental contamination lawsuits.

Natural Resource Damages Lawsuits

Governmental entities sometimes find it necessary to file natural resource damages lawsuits to recover compensation in order to restore and conserve a state's natural resources following environmental contamination from oil or other hazardous toxins. Having a history of working with state and local governments on such issues as tobacco and asbestos, Motley Rice's environmental team continues to advocating for public health and safety and the preservation and conservation of our environment.

Lead Poisoning

In addition to posing serious health risks to adults, particularly pregnant women and industrial workers, lead poisoning is among the most prevalent health problems among America's youth. Although the U.S. banned the use of lead paint in 1978, numerous other sources of lead contamination continue to be significant sources of exposure, and the attorneys working with Motley Rice's Environmental practice team have established relationships with lead paint researchers and experts to thoroughly represent those who have suffered lead poisoning as a result of negligence and corporate wrongdoing. Learn more about lead poisoning lawsuits.

Your Legal Rights

If you or your community may have been affected by environmental contamination or suffered injuries as a result of lead poisoning, contact attorney Fidelma Fitzpatrick or Jonathan Orent by email or call 1.800.768.4026.