Environmental Contamination

Environmental contamination can cause catastrophic harm to health as well as drastically diminish property values. People can be exposed to toxic chemicals in groundwater soil or air through drinking contaminated water, breathing polluted air, or coming into contact with dangerous toxins released into the environment by events such as oil spills.

If you or your community may have been affected by environmental contamination, contact attorney Fidelma Fitzpatrick, Vicki Antion Nelson or Jonathan Orent by email or call 1.800.768.4026.

Common Sources of Contamination

Motley Rice works to obtain accountability and compensation from corporations, manufacturers and other companies that engage in negligent environmental practices or corporate wrongdoing. We represent individuals and communities whose health and property values have suffered from groundwater or soil contamination by toxic substances such as:

  • chromium
  • heavy metals
  • PCE (perchloroethylene)
  • TCE (trichloroethylene)
  • volatile organic chemicals
  • MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether)

Health Dangers of Contamination

The exact health dangers of environmental contamination vary by toxic chemical but almost all can be severe in nature. Additionally, some toxic substances may cause immediate injury or death while others cause injury or terminal illness after long-term exposure.

Toxic substances in groundwater, soil and air most commonly affect the lungs, brain, stomach, kidneys and skin. The harmful health effects of toxic exposure include:

  • cancer of organs such as lungs, bladder, brain and kidneys
  • hyperactivity, attention disorders and learning disabilities
  • stomach and kidney problems and disorders
  • respiratory conditions including asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies
  • skin irritations and conditions

Environmental Damages and Litigation

Motley Rice attorneys have diverse experience with environmental contamination litigation, including working on behalf of people, residential communities and state entities to recover for personal injury and economic loss to property. We seek a thorough cleanup process and improved living spaces for all of our clients. We are currently reviewing potential claims involving TCE contamination in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and multiple Rhode Island communities, as well as claims relating to the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Our environmental lawyers have litigated cases of negligent corporate environmental practices, improper disposal of waste and asbestos property damage, including:

  • representing more than 100 residents of Tiverton, Rhode Island, against a major utility company for alleged damages to residential property resulting from environmental contamination
  • representing the community of Tallevast, Florida, for property devaluation and emotional distress claims from TCE, PCE and other chemicals allegedly released into the groundwater on the property of a large aerospace defense contractor
  • representing the State of Oklahoma in a case against poultry integrators alleging that poultry waste has polluted natural resources in Eastern Oklahoma