Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisioning; Juvenile

Although lead poisoning can be entirely preventable, it remains one of the most common health problems affecting American children today. Lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust are the main sources of lead exposure for children. Other sources include lead in soil, water and industrial sites.

Although the U.S. government banned lead paint from residential use in 1978, the CDC reports that children currently live in more than 4 million homes containing lead paint. Children six years old and under are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can have harmful effects on every system in the body.

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Childhood Lead Poisoning

Children diagnosed with lead poisoning often suffer from:

  • speech delay 
  • hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder 
  • learning disabilities 
  • behavioral disorders 
  • neurological and renal damage 
  • stunted growth 
  • anemia 
  • hearing loss 
  • mental retardation

Childhood Lead Poisoning Cases

Motley Rice represents children harmed by lead poisoning against lead paint manufacturers, property owners and landlords. Our attorneys have also litigated lead poisoning cases on behalf of government entities against the lead paint industry, including in Rhode Island, California and New York.

We initiate a lead poisoning case by working with an expert to identify the source of the lead poisoning in the residence or another location where exposure could have occurred. Our environmental team helps our clients arrange testing with a pediatrician or neurologist for lead poisoning evidence and to determine the extent of the child's lead-related injuries. We are proud of our longstanding relationships with lead paint researchers, scientists and doctors who support efforts to help victims of childhood lead poisoning and prevent future harm.

Adult Lead Exposure

Lead exposure can pose serious dangers to pregnant women and industrial workers. Exposure to battery plants and lead smelters that use lead in their processing may also expose workers and children to dangerous levels of lead. Painters and workers with occupations involving welding, soldering, the chemical industry, foundries, gasoline refineries and the copper industry may bring dust home from the workplace resulting in secondhand exposure and poisoning to children.