Case Resolution

From the boardroom to the courtroom, Motley Rice pursues fair and equitable resolutions to legal matters protecting private civil rights or addressing personal injury, negligence, products liability or corporate wrongdoing.  Because many of our clients have complex cases, Motley Rice co-founder Joe Rice is actively involved in negotiating strategies within each practice group.

MDL and Complex Litigation Experience

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Complex Cases

Our attorneys litigate cases that involve complex factors such as:

  • multiple jurisdictional issues 
  • large numbers of claimants/plaintiffs
  • consolidated cases with several plaintiffs' firms and/or attorneys 
  • defendants seeking bankruptcy court protection 
  • disbursement of class action settlements, trusts and other large monetary matters

Our complex case resolution efforts may include the use mediation, arbitration and settlement negotiations.

Defendants in Bankruptcy
In some cases, the defendants liable for a client's personal injuries may seek the protection of bankruptcy courts. Our lawyers have worked with bankruptcy courts, defendants and other entities to gain recovery for injured clients, including handling numerous asbestos bankruptcy cases. Co-founding member Joe Rice has played a central role in all major asbestos bankruptcy trusts and on numerous creditor committees.

Additionally, we have reached defendants' assets where they have sought to avoid liability by concealing corporate assets through leveraged buy-outs and complex parent-subsidiary corporate hierarchies.

For more information on our complex case experience, contact attorney Joe Rice by email or call +1 800.768.4026.


From investigations, motions and briefs, to expert selection, research and staffing, Motley Rice keeps trial considerations in the forefront through all phases of litigation so we can build the best case possible for our clients. A trial is usually a new, unfamiliar experience for clients, and our team compassionately communicates trial procedures and processes with clients to keep them informed.

Trial Resources
Our trial experience, technology capabilities and financial resources allow us to provide a full spectrum of important litigation support services to trial teams. We believe it advantageous that many of our attorneys trained directly with Ron Motley in the courtroom, and that much of our technical trial support comes from in-house resources.
Because our firm operates with the philosophy that combined resources add value for clients and build stronger cases, our complex case and trial teams often work closely with associated co-counsel.

This significant and diverse network of plaintiffs' attorneys from across the nation often calls on our trial team for support. These resources include but are not limited to: trial strategies, command center (war rooms) design and execution, courtroom graphics, exhibits and demonstratives, multimedia, audio visual hardware and software, video to transcript synchronization, encoding and database and document management.

If you are a plaintiffs' law firm and are interested in trial preparation or trial strategy consulting, contact lawyer Don Migliori.