Community Connections

At Motley Rice LLC, it is our underlying mission to advance the greater good not only for our clients, but for the greater causes affecting society. Through local and national efforts, we're sharing our ideas, resources and time to help provide those in need with greater resources and the tools to create a better life.

Each year, we contribute to local, national and international non-profit organizations that work to strengthen our communities and enhance the quality of life for others. The firm has a designated charitable committee that spearheads charitable giving projects, reviews donation requests and plans for the firm's philanthropic endeavors. Throughout the year, Motley Rice sponsors several annual drives, walks and events for non-profit organizations and coordinates internal volunteer and giving programs for groups throughout our local communities.

Motley Rice is also proud to support our employees who have an enduring commitment to making a difference through their personal charitable activities and projects. In addition to volunteerism with local, regional and national organizations, many of our professionals give back to the community by serving in leadership positions and on committees and advisory boards.

See a list of some of the organizations and projects that we have supported.