Consumer Fraud Protection

Motley Rice represents individual consumers and class action groups that have been affected by consumer fraud. We seek to remedy consumer losses while striving to impact business standards and discourage future fraud.

Consumer fraud describes unfair, deceptive or illegal business practices that may involve advertising, marketing and the sale of goods or services. Facing the pressures of a competitive marketplace, some companies take action in the form of business practices that give them a financial edge and disadvantage countless unsuspecting consumers. These actions may include:

  • false and misleading advertising or bait and switch tactics
  • overcharging or improper charges for goods and services
  • selling defective products
  • automobile fraud
  • insurance fraud
  • interpreting a contract or agreement in a way that unfairly disadvantages the consumer

Motley Rice is interested in reports of new consumer fraud claims that involve improper practices or defective, unsafe products. To learn more about consumer fraud litigation or discuss your legal rights, contact attorney Bill Narwold by email or call 1.800.768.4026.

Experience in Consumer Fraud Protection

Our attorneys have litigated diverse and complex consumer fraud matters for the benefit of thousands of consumers, including cases against banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, title insurers, financial consultants, brokers, automobile manufacturers and dealers, credit reporting agencies, and many other industries and companies that prey on unwary consumers.

We have also worked with numerous state attorneys general, who have retained our attorneys to represent their states in a range of legal matters, including consumer rights and consumer protection.

Federal and state laws offer consumer fraud protection by regulating the advertising, marketing and sale of consumer products and services. In addition, there are federal agencies that work to prevent and address consumer fraud, including the Federal Trade CommissionU.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

These agencies, however, do not help individual consumers pursue recovery for damage due to fraud. Motley Rice helps those who have experienced consumer fraud through class action lawsuits that seek to protect their common interest and obtain compensation.

Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuits

Motley Rice believes that class action lawsuits are an important tool for both the individual and the marketplace. For many consumers, filing an independent lawsuit may be impractical or costly. A class action lawsuit positions a group of consumers harmed in a similar manner to pursue recovery for their damages and, at the same time, deter companies from engaging in unfair business practices. Our attorneys litigate consumer fraud class action cases to help obtain recovery and accountability for consumers with both small and large losses.

Whistleblower and qui tam Cases

Motley Rice also represents whistleblowers in a broad range of qui tam and other types of whistleblower lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act, the IRS whistleblower program, and other federal and state whistleblower programs.  These cases are brought on behalf of federal and state entities to protect taxpayers who have been defrauded by illegal activities. Whistleblowers are eligible for substantial rewards if such lawsuits lead to monetary recoveries. 

Our lawyers have worked with whistleblowers who have exposed fraudulent contracting and billing practices involving: tobacco companies, defense procurement contractors, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, financial services companies, for-profit colleges, and other entities who receive money from governmental entities based on contracts and/or claims they submit.