SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

Federal legislation under the Dodd-Frank Act provides significant incentives and protection for whistleblowers. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower program established by the Dodd-Frank Act allows a person to anonymously submit information to the SEC about corporate wrongdoing and violations of the federal securities laws to the SEC and, in exchange, can receive awards for successful claims. Whistleblowers are also protected from employer retaliation under this act.

It is important to note that timing is critical in notifying the SEC of violations. To receive any incentive for a successful claim, the whistleblower must be the first to notify the SEC of the violation.

Motley Rice SEC whistleblower attorneys represent those involved in a broad range of whistleblower lawsuits. Our lawyers have experience litigating against corporations engaged in securities violations.

Types of SEC Whistleblower Lawsuits

There are numerous types of improper acts that give rise to an SEC whistleblower claim, including:

  • Broker fraud
  • Corporate bribery
  • Corporate fraud
  • Failure to file required reports
  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Misappropriation of securities
  • Theft of funds

No Obligation

Whistleblowers serve and protect the interests of the public by helping to maintain the integrity of the financial markets. Filing a whistleblower lawsuit can be complex. Some whistleblowers seek a lawyers' advice to help them report corporate fraud or bribery information to the SEC and protect their rights.

Motley Rice represents whistleblowers in a broad range of whistleblower lawsuits. Our lawyers have worked with whistleblowers who have exposed fraudulent contracting and billing practices by many kinds of companies, including:

  • Defense procurement contractors
  • Financial services companies
  • For-profit colleges
  • Healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Tobacco companies

Motley Rice SEC whistleblower attorneys also represent numerous individuals and institutional plaintiffs in litigation against corporations accused of securities law violations.

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