Securities Fraud

Motley Rice represents individuals, union funds, state and municipal pension funds, hedge funds, and other domestic and foreign institutional investors in securities fraud litigation, shareholder rights campaigns, and direct and derivative shareholder actions to demand officer and director accountability, improve corporate governance, and ensure fairness and openness in mergers and acquisitions.

Our securities litigation team brings experienced personnel and financial resources to securities cases through all phases of litigation. In addition to our team of attorneys, we have extensive in-house support services, including professional staff with financial and regulatory backgrounds.

Our team also offers a Portfolio Monitoring Service that helps investors identify and respond to securities fraud.

Corporate Governance

Motley Rice attorneys are committed to finding innovative and effective ways to protect America's capital markets and improve corporate conduct, and they have achieved significant corporate governance reforms as part of the resolutions of class action and shareholder derivative litigation. Although such reforms may vary, they typically are designed to prevent future wrongdoing. Corporate governance reforms often include:

  • establishing changes in internal accountability and modifications in management's reporting structure to ensure that board members are better informed and are empowered to fulfill their fiduciary duty to shareholders 
  • increasing the number of independent, outside directors
  • removing wrongdoers from board positions and/or management
  • establishing additional board committees to provide oversight and prevent improper conduct
  • outlining term limits for board chairman to avoid entrenchment
  • improving management's compensation incentives
  • enhancing a company's public disclosure and transparency policies
  • addressing environmental and worker safety issues through additional personnel, reporting systems and other initiatives