Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit

Sharehold Derivative Cases in Securities & Consumer Fraud Practice Group

Shareholder derivative actions provide institutional investors with a process to restore shareholder value through improved corporate governance and to recoup damages suffered by the company stemming from willful mismanagement of company operations or finances or insider self-dealing. 

Motley Rice attorneys pursue shareholder derivative lawsuits against corporate officers and directors who have breached fiduciary duties owed to the company. Through these cases, investors can directly impact long-term investment value through a company's recovery of damages and the adoption of improved corporate governance measures which enhance director independence, improve disclosure policies, and better ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations involving accounting, labor relations, the environment, workplace health and safety, anti-bribery statutes (such as the Federal Corrupt Practices Act), state and federal contracting requirements (and the applicable versions of the False Claims Act), and other matters.

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