Lawyer Mentoring Program: Motley Rice lawyers contributing to the legal community

In support of South Carolina's new lawyers, several Motley Rice lawyers proudly participate in the South Carolina Supreme Court's Lawyer Mentoring Program.  

"There is a real difference between reading something in a book and putting it into practice. These new lawyers are the future of the legal community, and it benefits us to ensure that they are on the right track," said Motley Rice member and asbestos lawyer Brian Bevon, a mentor whose mentee recently opened his own firm and has since consulted with the Motley Rice securities team.

The Lawyer Mentoring Program's mission is to help new lawyers transition into the complex legal profession and provide them with both ethical and professional guidance. Participating mentors provide a valuable service not only to their mentees but also to the Court, the legal community and the public.

"I have been fortunate to have had numerous mentors in my life who have had a tremendous impact on who I am today, both personally and professionally, including my mentor through this program.  I have been able to gain knowledge, insight and reassurance from someone who has been in my shoes and is committed to helping me become the best attorney I can be. The opportunity to learn through the program is unmatched by any textbook or lecture," said program participant and Motley Rice lawyer Graham Maiden, who focuses on anti-terrorism and human rights litigation.

Other Motley Rice attorneys serving as mentors with the Lawyer Mentoring Program include:

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