The U.S. government has admitted that the “acts and omissions of its employees” caused the mid-air collision that resulted in the tragic deaths of a father and son minutes after they departed the Berkeley County Airport July 7, 2015.
Sixteen service members on board a KC-130 aircraft tragically lost their lives July 10, 2017 when their U.S. Marine Corps transport plane crashed into a field in Mississippi. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.
The U.S. Trustee for the District of Delaware announced today that a Creditors’ Committee comprised of five personal injury claimants and two economic loss claimants has been formed in addition to a Trade and Service Creditors’ Committee to represent groups affected by the Takata bankruptcy.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a somber report, based on death certificate data from 1999-2015, on the survival rates for people diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma. Read the highlights.
Six people were tragically killed July 2 when a small Cessna C421 plane experienced an in-flight break up over Phillips, Wis., according to news reports.
Known for his ability to “navigate both the courtroom and the negotiating table,” Don Migliori gave Law360 his perspective on skills, strategy and his stance related to the most rewarding parts of being a plaintiff attorney in the legal news outlet’s “Plaintiffs Bar Perspective” series.
Judge Edward M. Chen has appointed Joe Rice to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for multidistrict litigation filed for consumers impacted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ alleged use of defeat software to bypass emissions standards in certain diesel vehicles.
A class of U.S. tax return preparers, represented by Motley Rice LLC and co-counsel, received a favorable and precedent-setting decision on June 1, 2017, when U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth struck down a Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTIN) fee that the Treasury Department and IRS had for years required tax preparers to pay, finding that the plaintiffs should be issued a full refund.
The Institutional Shareholder Services has released its 2016 Securities Class Action Services Top 50 Report for 2016. For being lead or co-lead in securities class action settlements, Motley Rice ranked 13 out of 50 related to “settlement total.”
The U.S. Department of Labor has alleged in a lawsuit that a popcorn manufacturer retaliated against one of its workers after she raised concerns about the safety of her work environment. She also demanded that she be allowed to take home information on how to protect herself from potentially harmful flavoring chemicals.