News reports featuring Motley Rice, our case work and our lawyers

Attorney Kevin Dean co-authors an article profiling the defective door-latch systems that Ford uses in the design and manufacture of select Ford vehicles.
Motley Rice attorneys are representing families of 9/11 victims who are filing lawsuits against the airline and security industries for alleged negligence in the September 11 attacks.
In a profile of attorney Ron Motley, a New York Times reporter questions Motley about the war on terrorism and how that war may soon be fought within the walls of the courtroom against international financiers who made a profitable business out of generously providing funding to organizations that support terrorism.
In the wake of joint-country efforts to combat terror financing, varying reports have suggested that Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has been on the verge of taking firm action against terror financiers among the Saudi elite.
Motley Rice co-founder Joe Rice is profiled as being among the country's most feared and respected plaintiffs' attorneys.
Saudi Arabia has been called "the epicenter" of financing for terrorist and extremist activity on foreign soil, a place were funding is provided in exchange for the promise of mayhem only abroad.
The terrorist bombing in Riyadh, currently attributed to al Qaeda, has brought more more attention to Saudi Arabia's terrorist problems.
For the first time, relatives of five 9/11 victims addressed a five-judge panel and confronted a suspected al Qaeda operative in a German courtroom.