The Supreme Court ruling upholding the vast majority of the Affordable Health Care Act had immediate consequences visible to all from the moment reporters rushed from the court to the waiting cameras, microphones and partisans in the debate who were anxiously bracing themselves on the building’s steps.

It is time to require all pilots to pass reaction time tests and mental fitness tests before they are allowed to fly. Aviation companies need to support these measures—to protect their business, their pilots and their passengers.

Attorney Carmen Scott urges women to learn the facts about contraceptives, and to speak with a physician about the pros and cons associated with various kinds of hormonal contraceptives.

Malignant mesothelioma is the most serious of all asbestos-related diseases. It is extremely aggressive, often not detected until it has progressed into the advanced stages of cancer and lacks any known cure. However, such cases are not without hope.

by: Motley Rice

Zombie funds aren’t the antagonists of a bad Hollywood movie about the living dead overtaking Wall Street, but they are lifeless funds that can feed on investors’ returns.

Whether you are a lawyer or CPA handling the claims filing process for a client or you are a claimant handling your own claim(s), the information below might be helpful if you have questions about why Form W-9 is required documentation.