As in many previous storm situations, the airlines have announced they will refund and will allow you to re-book without penalties or fees, but you have to act quickly. All major airlines have posted rebooking rules, and they all have deadlines and cut-offs on their kindness, some as early as this week.

There has never been an accident or crash attributed to the interference of electronic devices. I applaud the FAA for re-examining the use of PEDs during flight, but I believe the study should include the use of cell phones in-flight. Modern aircraft wiring and instruments are required to be properly shielded from errant electric signals, pulses, arcing and static and lightning strikes.

While dialysis can be a lifesaver for those with kidney impairment, Fresenius Medical Care allegedly made the process more harmful than helpful for thousands of people. Unfortunately, we now know that two of the company’s products, GranuFlo® Powder and NaturaLyte® Liquid acid concentrate, may increase the risk for sudden, even fatal, heart attacks and other heart problems.

Despite decades of awareness, legislation and litigation, there are some in positions of authority—in our churches, schools, summer camps and scout troops—who chose to shirk their responsibility as mandatory reporters and look the other way when they suspect childhood sex abuse. Such acts of concealment not only condone the continued abuse of children today but also help perpetuate such abuse against other children tomorrow.

by: Motley Rice

Walking into the Sheet Metal Air, Rail and Transportation Workers International Association’s Business Agents annual meeting feels a bit like diving head-first into a glass half-full. The products sheet metal workers make possible – HVAC systems, airplanes, elevators, skyscrapers, etc. – are all around us, but most Americans have no idea how dangerous and challenging the life of a sheet metal worker can be.