The victims of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash were probably stunned to learn that, unlike U.S. pilots, foreign airline pilots who crash a plane on U.S. soil do not have to be drug or alcohol tested.

In the course of 30 years of practicing law I have never seen a corporate defendant backpedal on an agreed-to settlement to the extent BP is attempting to do in the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Class Action Settlement. BP still doesn’t understand the law or the facts of this case.

Victims of air disasters must be very mindful of statutes of limitations (SOL) – deadlines by which they must act or some of their claims or rights may be lost. An often overlooked deadline is the deadline by which notice must be given to a city, county or state in which you have a claim. Some deadlines allow only a few months to give notice of a claim.

The rights of victims of an air disaster can be complicated and overwhelming due to many factors, including when international aviation disasters occur. These are some reminders to keep in mind regarding victims’ rights.