This weekend we honor and celebrate the service and sacrifice of American patriots. As Ron Motley often said “our clients are patriots first, and litigants second.” Ron’s favorite song along with “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” was “America the Beautiful.” We keep these memories in our thoughts today, as we prepare to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to defend our basic freedoms and civil liberties this Memorial Day.

With three whistleblower awards in one week totaling nearly $10 million, the SEC has indicated its continuing commitment to compensating individuals who come forward with information contributing to the enforcement of the securities laws.

The poem was found among the possessions of an elderly woman who died in the geriatric ward of a hospital. No other information is known about her. We don’t know who she was or when she died. All we have are these heartfelt words.

With certain studies suggesting that the use of talc increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer by around a third, it is important to be cautious when using products that contain the popular mineral.