Who among us hasn’t been startled by a large truck or bus whose driver appeared inattentive or was driving way too fast on the highway? If you lived to complain about it, consider yourself lucky. For thousands each year, these occurrences have deadly consequences. According to a recent proposal from the U.S. Department of Transportation, speed-limiting technology and new federal safety regulations may be the quickest, most reliable way to slow trucks and buses down across the board, saving lives along the way.

Unless you’re recreating a scene from Mission Impossible, you don’t typically expect your smartphone, laptop or e-cigarette to self-destruct. However, the lithium-ion battery packs have the potential to explode or catch fire without warning.

Judge Charles R. Breyer allowed objectors to voice their concerns today, but with less than 1 percent of the total class filing objections, Judge Breyer indicated that he is “strongly inclined” to approve the current arrangement.

Have you ever been driving down the road and been cut off? Of course, you have. The first thing you think is “who is driving that car?!” With advances in technology, the answer to that question could soon be “no one.”