People injured by explosive Takata airbags can now file a claim for compensation through one of three separate funds that were created to compensate victims, but victims must present evidence that their airbag was defective and show the extent of their injuries in order to receive any compensation through the claims process. If the vehicle is no longer available, photos may be enough evidence to support a claim. Inside this post are pictures of shrapnel and debris from ruptured Takata airbags that our attorneys have seen during our investigations of the defect.

Human trafficking, and the horror of its existence, are worldwide issues that we’re only just beginning to peel back the layers on. One thing we know is that those in leadership positions, including lawyers, legislators, law enforcement and others, are in a position to fight for the freedoms and rights of survivors who so often can’t or don’t feel comfortable speaking out for themselves. My colleague Dan Lapinski and I recently joined some of the nation’s foremost leaders on sex abuse and trafficking to discuss ways to ease access to justice for survivors and prevent others from being victims of such horrible atrocities.