Given the shocking impairment caused by lack of sleep, perhaps it is time to have pilots, air traffic controllers, nuclear plant operators, 18-wheel truckers and others actually pass reaction time tests before they are allowed to fly or perform other important functions

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Former Inspector General for the US DOT, a pilot and aviation lawyer offers most common, and possibly best bits of information for air travelers to know

Thousands of people have suffered life-altering injuries and insurmountable medical bills resulting from a failed metal-on-metal hip replacement devices.

On Jan. 12, 2012, the California Supreme Court ruled in <i>O’Neil v. Crane Co.</i> that a manufacturer may not be held liable for harm caused by another manufacturer’s product (the cancer-causing material). With its decision in <i>O’Neil v. Crane Co.</i>, the California Supreme Court is going down what some believe to be a very slippery slope.

As our country celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we must not forget the significance of one man who brought about many changes.

by: Motley Rice

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) launched into 2012 with a newfound online prowess. In the first week of the New Year, the agency brought down a fraudulent online scheme, then leveraged the event to give advice to investors who use social media.