by: Lance Oliver
Shareholders rarely reject management’s proposals; thus, the “no vote” at Citigroup is an important moment in the evolution of post-financial crisis corporate governance.
by: William H. Narwold
Shareholders have both a right and responsibility to exercise their voices in the corporate governance of public companies. At Motley Rice, we believe the future of our country depends on a healthy and growing economy based on industry and ingenuity, not on mountains of debt and financial slight-of-hand. Shareholders have to speak up, and that is sometimes only accomplished through our court system.
by: Jeanette M. Gilbert
Many parents of Boomers, or Boomers themselves, have suffered from an asbestos-related disease, like asbestosis or mesothelioma, the most deadly form of asbestos related cancer. Why?
by: John E. Herrick
Beyond a basic familiarity with asbestos litigation, however, some are unaware of what asbestos is or who is at risk for exposure. Here are five common questions and answers regarding asbestos that may help you assess past asbestos exposure and also prevent future exposure.
by: Nathan D. Finch
Because of the rarity and slow development of mesothelioma, the three common misconceptions about the disease have emerged.
by: John A. Baden IV
The passing of this resolution is a significant step towards giving asbestos victims and concerned citizens a voice by raising public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure.
by: Mary F. Schiavo
Given the shocking impairment caused by lack of sleep, perhaps it is time to have pilots, air traffic controllers, nuclear plant operators, 18-wheel truckers and others actually pass reaction time tests before they are allowed to fly or perform other important functions
by: Joseph F. Rice
Motley Rice is launching the new blog to provide helpful, timely information and updates not only to colleagues and the community but also to our clients and their families.
by: Mary F. Schiavo
Former Inspector General for the US DOT, a pilot and aviation lawyer offers most common, and possibly best bits of information for air travelers to know
by: Donald A. Migliori
Thousands of people have suffered life-altering injuries and insurmountable medical bills resulting from a failed metal-on-metal hip replacement devices.