by: Grace P. Chandler, Jonathan D. Orent
Semaglutide is the active ingredient in popular weight loss drugs Ozempic® and Wegovy®. These powerful pharmaceuticals have taken the media, internet and pharmacies by storm. However, there are increasing numbers of reports on the side effects of Semaglutide that have not been previously warned about.
by: M. Nolan Webb
After years of frustration, the Union of Southern Service Workers (USSW), a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) affiliate, has petitioned to shut down South Carolina's state-run Occupational Safety and Health Administration program (SC OSHA), citing a litany of failures that compromise worker safety.
by: Motley Rice
a lawsuit against the manufacturers and retailers of WanaBana Apple Cinnamon Fruit Puree pouches, on behalf of parents alleging the fruit pouches caused lead-poising resulting in life long injuries and the need for continued medical treatment for their two toddler children.
by: Motley Rice
WanaBana USA voluntarily recalled all lots of its Apple Cinnamon Fruit Purée pouches in recent weeks after staggeringly high levels of toxic lead were found in the fruit snack.
by: Abigail Burman
The rapid development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday services and products has become an increasingly important legal issue as the technology develops faster than the legal frameworks that regulate it. In response to these concerns, on Oct. 30, 2023, President Biden issued an Executive Order aimed at preventing and addressing harm caused by AI.
by: Joseph F. Rice
More than 93,000 people have filed claims with the Department of the Navy seeking help for severe, life-threatening health problems caused by contaminated water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. The victims, who are Marines, family members and civilian workers who worked or lived on the base, are desperate for the answers and resources they need to move forward with their lives. Until recently, their pleas for action have largely been ignored.
by: Motley Rice
Motley Rice medical attorneys filed a lawsuit on Sept. 19, 2023 for a Pennsylvania woman who took Wegovy® believing it to be a safe, effective way to lose weight. Instead, she alleges, she suffered severe stomach cramping, vomiting and nausea within months of starting the drug and required hospitalization to treat gastroparesis.
by: Jodi Westbrook Flowers
The worst act of terrorism to ever to occur on American soil stole the lives of 2,977 people. Even more are injured, including emergency, rescue, and recovery workers. Twenty-two years later and still they wait for justice. Unraveling the al Qaeda plot led the survivors and victims’ families to discover that culpability spread far beyond Osama bin Laden. Saudi Arabia was eventually identified as the eye of the storm al Qaeda operators passed through in preparation for the attacks. Saudi agents are accused in the cases of providing material support in the form of housing, transportation, logistical support, and more.
by: Motley Rice
South African human rights lawyers filed an action against global mining companies South32, BHP Billiton PLC and Seriti Power seeking legal remedies for sick miners and the families of workers who died due to coal mine dust lung disease (CMDLD) in the form of pneumoconiosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
by: Laura K. Stemkowski
Federal agencies and officials, including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the United States Surgeon General, as well as national medical associations like the American Psychological Association (APA) and American Medical Association (AMA), have all released reports documenting the mounting concern surrounding the negative psychological impacts of social media use. Alarmingly, it seems social media platforms have suspected or known of this link for years, and yet did nothing to stop the harm caused by their products.