If you received a medical device, you likely thought it would enhance your life, give you more mobility, ease your pain or add convenience. Many patients, however, have experienced unexpected, painful and even fatal side effects as a result dangerous medical devices. 

If you’re suffering from painful side effects or injuries, have had unplanned surgeries to address a defective device, or a loved one has suffered wrongful death from a medical device, we can help you pursue your legal rights against the device manufacturer.

Medical Device Defects and Recalls

Our medical attorneys have extensive experience with medical device litigation and have held many leadership roles in these types of cases. We understand the complex legal and scientific aspects of medical device litigation, and work to uncover aggressive product development and marketing practices that may have caused you or a loved one harm. Our attorneys handle all aspects of discovery and trial in medical device lawsuits, including product identification, medical causation, compliance with FDA regulations, adequacy of warnings, allegations of product defects, and coordination of witnesses and experts.

We are currently reviewing the following medical device lawsuits:

Medical Device Lawsuits

With advancements in medicine, there has been an increased use of medical devices in the treatment of injuries and diseases. Despite medical breakthroughs, medical devices may be inadequately tested and regulated and rushed to market by companies in a hurry to make a profit.

Unfortunately, dangerous medical devices harm thousands of unsuspecting patients like you each year.

Let Our Medical Attorneys Help You

If you or someone you know may have experienced injury or death after having experience with a defective medical device, contact our medical attorney team by email or call 1.800.768.4026.

Motley Rice’s Commitment

The pain and difficulty of dealing with defective medical devices not only impacts you, but your family. We will put our resources and experience in complex medical litigation toward seeking justice for you and your loved ones.

Additionally, we advocate for change outside of the courtroom, pressing for more stringent approval processes and warning labels so that patients like you are not harmed.

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