You do not have to work in an industrial occupation in order to be exposed to high levels of asbestos, and using asbestos continues to be legal in the United States. The following list of products may have asbestos in them:

  • acoustical products, spray and tile
  • adhesives and cements
  • asbestos rope, braiding and wick
  • asbestos tape or thread
  • asphalt products, including tile and sundries
  • automotive, truck, and marine products, including brake linings, pads and shoes, brake blocks, clutch materials, transmission components, gasket materials and shock absorbers
  • caulking compounds and coatings
  • ceiling panels, tiles and related sundries
  • cement products, including cement or mortar, board, flooring, panels, pipe, flat and corrugated sheet, siding, shingles and stucco
  • ceramic or paint fillers
  • cigarette filters
  • commercial or industrial machines and components, including brake linings, clutch facings, thermal insulation, transmission components and gaskets
  • detackifying/demolding agents
  • drywall joint treatment products, including joint compound, joint cement, joint treatment, joint sealant and caulking compounds
  • fireproofing products
  • gaskets, sheet packing and molded products
  • gypsum products, including fire retardant gypsum board, lath, finishing and taping compounds
  • hair dryers
  • insulating tape
  • mastics, coating and sealing products
  • millboard, rollboard and mineral wool board
  • oven mittens
  • paint products, roof coating and floor coating
  • phenolic or plastic resins
  • plaster and plaster products
  • plumbing joint sealant
  • protective clothing, often worn by firefighters and race car drivers 
  • racing helmets
  • refractory products, including clays; cements; shapes; blocks used to build, insulate, or seal structures subjected to high heat such as boilers, furnaces and kilns
  • resilient floor-covering products, including tile, sheet, backing and sundries
  • roofing products, including cements, coating, felts, deckings, flashings, paints and shingles
  • siding
  • spackling compound
  • textured paints
  • thermal insulating blankets
  • thermal insulating cloth/textiles
  • thermal insulation products, including pipe insulation, pipe covering, pipe wrap, cement, block insulation, spray and sundries

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