Motley Rice supports Carolina Youth Development Center

Recognizing the need of our community's at-risk youth for support and guidance, Motley Rice proudly made a corporate donation to the Carolina Youth Development Center's (CYDC) Bakker Career Center, a special component of the organization's Educational and Career Technology Services Program, that offers a seamless learning experience for students transitioning from school to work.

The Bakker Career Center began its career development program in 2006 to fulfill the CYDC's mission "to assist children in reaching their full potential as healthy and well-adjusted individuals." Offering five tracks that collectively challenge young people's visions of themselves, the Center creates a "real world" environment in which participants have an opportunity to work on personal development, career technology, and workplace, academic and leadership skills training. Such training allows these students to gradually learn new skills and improve behavior, attendance and productivity so that their transition into a mainstream community setting will be a positive and exciting experience.

Founded in the 1790s as our nation's first publicly funded orphanage, the CYDC now provides programs that reach more than 600 local children and youth each year, taking special care to provide for those having serious problems than include physical and sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment and severe emotional disorders. The organization's mission is to provide these young people with the guidance they need to believe in their own abilities to face life's challenges and to flourish as caring and productive members of the community. The CYDC currently has six residential programs, two outreach programs and several support programs.

Read more about the Carolina Youth Development Center, its mission and how you can contribute.

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