Whistleblower Lawsuit Continues: DOJ files brief in response to summary judgment

According to an article on Law360, a federal judge is allowing the U.S. government to file an amicus brief in support of firm client, Nyle Hooper, in a False Claims Act lawsuit that he filed against Lockheed Martin.

Mr. Hooper, a former Lockheed project engineer, alleges in his lawsuit that Lockheed purposefully provided false information to the U.S. Air Force to obtain a contract to develop satellite and missile launch software.

According to the article, the contract was to "automate, standardize and modernize hardware and software the Air Force uses to launch satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles."The contract was meant to run from 1995-2005, but the work on the contract still has not been completed. The initial contract bid was $400 million, but, as of 2008, has cost the government $900 million, according to the complaint filed by Nyle Hooper.

Motley Rice whistleblower lawyer Mark Labaton has been litigating this case along with co-counsel at the Cullen Law Firm in D.C.Hooper was employed by Lockheed Martin until 2005 when he was allegedly fired for speaking out about Lockheed's conduct in connection with the contract.

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