Competition among businesses in a fair and open market gives consumers multiple benefits such as lower pricing, better quality and greater choices. When competition is restricted by unfair business practices and anticompetitive action, however, consumers can end up suffering the consequences.

By pursuing antitrust and competition law remedies in complex class action lawsuits, our antitrust team works to bring to light concealed unlawful antitrust conduct such as:

  • Exclusive dealing
  • Monopolization
  • Monopoly leveraging
  • “Pay for delay” agreements
  • Price-fixing
  • Refusals to deal
  • Restraint of trade
  • Tying arrangements
  • Vertical restraints

Limited Capacity of State and Federal Agencies

The ability of authorities to investigate and discipline anticompetitive conduct can be limited due to various factors. As the U.S. Supreme Court stated in Reiter v. Sonotone Corp, private class actions “provide a significant supplement to the limited resources available to the Department of Justice [and Federal Trade Commission] for enforcing the antitrust laws and deterring violations.”

Our antitrust team actively seeks to enhance antitrust law in ways that will strengthen the rights of small businesses, health and welfare plans, insurers, consumers and others harmed by violations of federal and state antitrust and competition law. 

Contact an Antitrust Attorney

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Our Experience in Antitrust Litigation

In an effort to promote the maintenance of a free and competitive global economy, our antitrust team seeks private enforcement actions against a number of powerful and well-funded corporations. Our antitrust lawyers have litigated numerous antitrust cases involving a variety of industries and trade practices. We also work with co-counsel to ensure that an antitrust client receives counsel that covers the necessary areas of experience and resources.