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Dexcom G6 Lawsuit

Medical manufacturer Dexcom markets its G6 model as a discreet, technologically advanced continuous glucose monitoring system capable of sending real-time readings directly to the wearer’s smart phone. While the device is often praised for its convenience, some diabetics have called its safety into question, alleging faulty readings and failures to alert patients of impending severe low blood sugar. If the device fails, the outcome can be disastrous, including dangerously low blood sugar episodes leading to coma, seizure or even death.

The FDA received nearly 809,000 complaints by 2022. If you suffered severe health complications or a loved one sadly lost their life, a knowledgeable medical device attorney can help determine your potential legal options for seeking compensation. Civil litigation may also effectively compel medical manufacturers to improve their products.

“As a type 1 diabetic myself, I know firsthand how hard it can be to manage blood sugar. Significant strides in technology have been made over the years to help make our lives a little easier, but these advancements lose value if we can’t trust the tech to work as intended. When our technology fails, it puts our lives at risk,” said Motley Rice medical device attorney Jonathan Orent. “We believe Dexcom has led users to believe that their devices are foolproof, which makes patients completely reliant on the product. While the product is important, we believe the foolproof marketing concept is dangerously negligent and gives patients a false sense of security.”

Potential complications of Dexcom G6

Diabetics rely on precise measurements when taking insulin to adjust their blood sugar levels. If those measurements are wrong or patients are not alerted to low blood sugar episodes in error, the results can be severe.

Symptoms can include:

  • Brain injury
  • Coma
  • Seizures

Dexcom maintains that its G6 device is safe for use and no recall has been issued, despite mounting reports of alleged malfunctions.

Contact a lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered severe complications that you believe were caused by a Dexcom G6, know that our attorneys are available to discuss a potential claim. Complete this webform or call 1.800.768.4026 to contact attorney Jonathan Orent or Michael Pendell for more information.

Our diabetes litigation experience

Our attorneys have a depth of experience litigating for victims of defective medical drugs and devices, including diabetes products. We represent patients who allege their Medtronic Insulin Pumps delivered inaccurate doses and caused health problems. We have also litigated cases for clients involving diabetes medicines Actos® and Duetact®, which are alleged to cause an increased risk of developing bladder cancer; incretin mimetics Januvia®, Victoza®, Janumet® and Byetta® related to pancreatic cancer; and SGLT2 inhibitors Invokana®, Invokamet®, Farixga®, Xigduo XR®, Jardiance®, Glyxambi® and Synjardy®, which allegedly increased the risk of kidney failure.

Our attorneys have the resources needed to thoroughly investigate and identify potentially harmful products, medical causation, compliance with FDA regulations, inadequate warnings, wrongdoing and other issues in medical products lawsuits. 

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