A range of drugs and medical devices on the market aim to help diabetic patients manage their condition. Some of these medications and devices have caused harm to patients. Diabetic patients harmed by a drug or device may be eligible to bring a diabetes lawsuit against drug and device manufacturers.

Insulin pump lawsuits

Patients use insulin pump devices to help manage their insulin levels. The pumps are supposed to deliver programmed amounts of insulin into a patient’s body.

However, recent defects with several models of MiniMed™ insulin pumps have led to incorrect amounts of insulin delivery. Improper insulin dosages can cause serious side effects for diabetic patients. Patients affected by the defective pumps are filing lawsuits against the manufacturer, Medtronic.

A diabetes lawyer can help patients determine if they are eligible to bring a claim against Medtronic.

Learn more about MiniMed insulin pump lawsuits.

Glucose monitoring system lawsuits

Glucose monitoring systems help diabetic patients monitor their blood glucose levels on demand. The Dexcom G6 glucose monitoring system is an implantable sensor that sends blood glucose data to an app on the patient’s phone. 

Thousands of patients have alerted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to faulty readings and alert failures with the Dexcom G6 system. Inexact glucose monitoring can have serious repercussions for diabetic patients. Patients negatively affected by the G6 system are filing lawsuits against Dexcom.

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Weight loss drug lawsuits

Some diabetes drugs designed to help patients manage blood sugar have caused serious side effects. Patients who experience these health issues are filing lawsuits against manufacturers. They claim the makers failed to adequately warn them of the risks associated with the drugs.

Diabetes lawyers can help patients determine if they are eligible for a weight loss drug claim.


Ozempic® is a medication designed to help Type 2 diabetes patients manage their blood glucose levels. The drug has been taken by diabetic and nondiabetic patients for weight management as well.

People are bringing claims against Ozempic’s manufacturer Novo Nordisk for failure to adequately warn them of certain side effects. Patients who have taken Ozempic have reported health problems that range in severity from intestinal blockages to stomach paralysis (gastroparesis) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), as well as complications that resulted in death. Learn more about Ozempic lawsuits.


Wegovy® is a medication also developed by Novo Nordisk, the makers of Ozempic, to help with chronic weight management. Available in a higher dose than its sister drug Ozempic, the drug is specifically approved to treat obese patients. 

However, patients have reported unexpected and severe side effects while taking Wegovy. Some patients have chosen to bring claims against Novo Nordisk. For example, one Pennsylvania woman was hospitalized for gastroparesis after taking Wegovy. She has brought a claim against the manufacturer for failing to warn consumers of these risks.

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Our medical drug litigation experience

Our medical attorneys have represented thousands of patients seriously hurt by dangerous prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and medical devices. Our experience includes helping victims of proton pump inhibitors and other devices and drugs in addition to representing patients in the above cases.

We understand that as a patient or family member, what you know about your or a loved one’s medications may be limited. 

If you believe a medicine or medical device made you sick or hurt you, our diabetes attorneys have the resources needed to thoroughly investigate and:

  • Identify potentially harmful medicines and devices
  • Review if the medicine or device is linked to your injury
  • Review the manufacturer’s compliance with FDA regulations
  • Examine the adequacy of the manufacturer's warning to you about potential side effects
  • Recognize other issues that could affect your potential claim

Do not stop taking a prescribed medication or using a medical device without first consulting with your doctor. Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor's advice can result in injury or death.

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