Asbestos Litigation Developments: Motley Rice member discusses updates at national conference

Being held in Chicago Oct. 18 - 19, the 15th annual National Asbestos Litigation Conference will explore emerging issues in the most active asbestos litigation jurisdictions. Conference topics include: the year in review; bankruptcy claims; using evidence from the 70s and 80s; and more. Motley Rice attorneys continually observe and analyze litigation trends and other cases that impact our clients. Attending conferences such as these allows plaintiffs' attorneys to learn and share ideas about what topics are currently trending in asbestos litigation.

Last year, Judge Robreno recommended stopping tag-along asbestos cases (cases involving the same party or counsel as one already pending in the MDL, with a few exceptions), which caused the federal MDL asbestos docket to shrink. Motley Rice attorney John Herrick will discuss this topic on the panel, "Deep Dive Discussion on the MDL Termination - Now What?" Additional agenda items include: the new state of federal litigation; the current status of the multidistrict litigation in light of the adoption of Judge Robreno's recommendation; and the nuts and bolts of the new structure processes in federal court, including trials.

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