Birth Control Warning: New warning label added to Yaz and other birth control pills

Federal health regulators have announced that Yaz®, Yasmin® and other birth control pills containing the hormone drospirenone (synthetic version of the naturally occurring female hormone progesterone) will now carry new labeling warning that these drugs may be more likely to cause blood clots than other types of birth control. The new labeling is based on recent studies that compared drospirenone-containing pills to low-dose estrogen pills.

Yaz and Yasmin, also prescribed to treat acne and various hormonal problems, are among the country's best-selling contraceptives, but they have been linked to serious heart-related health problems such as blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

According to an article featured in TIME, the new labels "will note that some studies have found as high as a threefold increase in the risk of blood clots with drospirenone-containing pills, and will include a summary of a previous FDA-funded study on the risk."

Read the full article about the new birth control labels featured in TIME.

Motley Rice is reviewing potential lawsuits involving women who are non-smokers and have experienced serious side effects while taking Yaz or Yasmin.

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