Motley Rice attorney Fidelma Fitzpatrick talks Essure litigation as guest on Ringler Radio

Motley Rice medical attorney Fidelma Fitzpatrick discussed the latest in the ongoing Essure® litigation and the dangers potentially associated with the device as a guest Nov. 28, 2016 on Ringler Radio, hosted by Larry Cohen and co-host Joan Pagnano.

Fitzpatrick has advocated for nearly a decade on women’s health care issues, including representing women who suffered injuries caused by certain transvaginal mesh products, she said during the podcast. Through her work litigating TVM cases, Fitzpatrick encountered several women who, too, developed “sorely debilitating and extremely difficult” effects after receiving Essure, a form of permanent birth control manufactured by Bayer Corp.

Struck that little research had been done to determine the long-term risks of Essure prior to it being placed on the market, Fitzpatrick began representing women who claim they were injured by the device and pursuing litigation on their behalf to hold Bayer accountable.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received more than 9,000 voluntary reports of severe injuries allegedly caused by Essure, including life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, device migration, perforated organs, and other effects. A surgical procedure is usually required to remove the device.

Often times, women don’t know how their body will react to the device before receiving it, “and that’s a real problem,” Fitzpatrick said, asserting that women are essentially being sold “a giant medical experiment.”

Bayer didn’t do enough to warn consumers of potential risks, she alleged. Medical drug and device manufacturers have a responsibility to be honest, report complications and disclose known injuries, she added.

Fidelma Fitzpatrick and Carmen Scott are the Motley Rice medical attorneys leading the Essure litigation. If you or a loved one suffered complications after receiving Essure, you can contact medical attorney Fidelma Fitzpatrick by email or call 1.855.638.1552.