Recent bomb scare called possible test by Motley Rice attorney Mary Schiavo

A bomb scare Thursday night led to the grounding of three cargo planes in the Northeast United States. The first suspicious package was reportedly a "manipulated" ink toner cartridge with wires attached on a flight thought to be traveling from Yemen to Chicago. Another suspicious package was found on a flight in Dubai. Both packages were sent from Yemen.

Motley Rice attorney Mary Schiavo said it could have been more than just a scare."It could have been a test," she said. "Before the 9/11 hijackers successfully attacked the U.S., they tested their tactics and plans, but mainly, they tested our airport security."

The packages prompted an investigation of other UPS flights entering the U.S. at Newark Liberty and Philadelphia International Airports. As a precaution, the Department of Homeland Security also raised their advisory level to "High", or orange, for domestic and international passenger and cargo flights.

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