Burn pit litigation discussed by Motley Rice co-founder Joe Rice

Motley Rice attorneys continue to work with co-counsel Susan Burke and her firm Burke PLLC in the KBR, Inc., Burn Pit multidistrict litigation to represent clients against multiple defense contractors for allegedly exposing military personnel to toxins generated by open-air burn pits on military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The plaintiffs in Jobes v. KBR, Inc. et al. allege that prolonged exposure to the pits' smoke, ash and fumes caused injuries such as chronic illnesses, risk of illnesses and wrongful death. The injured plaintiffs also allege that the defendants failed in their duty to warn U.S. service members and civilians working and living around burn pit fumes about the potential health and safety hazards.

There are three named plaintiffs in South Carolina. Renee Dudley of Charleston, South Carolina's The Post and Courier talked to one, Alex Harley, about his struggle since returning from two separate six-month deployments as a civilian contractor. Harley and his fellow plaintiffs seek monetary damages to compensate them for physical injuries, emotional distress, fear of future disease and the need for continued medical treatment and monitoring.

Read more about the burn pits operating in Iraq and Afghanistan in a full article featured by The Post and Courier.

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