PBS Newshour looks at harmful effects burn pits have on veterans

In a segment that aired on Nov. 17, 2014, PBS Newshour discussed how burn pits used in Iraq and Afghanistan have impacted veterans’ health. The segment also highlighted the burn pit multidistrict litigation against military contractor KBR.

Burn pits were used on military bases to dispose of all types of products, including paint, batteries, plastic, electronics and more. In the segment, Sgt. 1st Class Steven Gardner, (Ret.) U.S. Army stated, “There was really no place to escape. The smoke would blow across you, you would turn your back to it, and hope that the wind would change.” He continued, “I used to run five-minute miles. Now I can’t walk down the block without breathing real heavy. I can’t carry objects without getting out of breath. I have a tightness constantly in my chest.”

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