Burn victim compares firepot gel to flamethrower

In an interview with WLWT News Channel 5, gel fuel fire victim Brian Thoss warned other consumers about the potential dangers of decorative fire pots and gel fuel following an incident last week during which he was severely burned. Sitting on a deck with friends, Thoss found himself on fire after a nearby firepot shot a directional flame, leaving him with severe burns up the length of his leg. Thoss described the incident saying, "All I heard was a 'woosh' and it was like a flamethrower being shot directly at my leg."

The gel fuel being used was made by Napa Home and Garden, Inc., and was recalled by the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission (CPSC) only four days after the incident following dozens of additional reported incidents and injuries. The CPSC is currently reviewing similar products not currently under the recall.

Motley Rice burn lawyer David Hoyle, who is representing  firepot burn victims in lawsuits filed in South Carolina, said, "When this product is opened, the vapors don't disperse into the ambient air, and if there's an ignition source, the flames can actually follow the trails of vapors."

View full coverage on the potential firepot and gel fuel dangers in the report by WLWT.

If you, a family member or friend have suffered severe burn injuries after a firepot exploded while it was burning, please contact personal injury lawyer Anne McGinness Kearse or Kevin Dean or call 1.800.768.4026.