Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: One dead and several sick from leak at W.Va. hotel

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012, a swimming pool heater allegedly caused a carbon monoxide leak that killed a Rhode Island man and seriously injured others at a Corridor G Holiday Inn Express in South Charleston, West Va.

The carbon monoxide levels at the hotel were measured at 500 to 600 parts per million. According to authorities, any reading over 30 parts per million is cause for concern. The victims were staying on the hotel's fifth floor, but carbon monoxide levels were high in other parts of the hotel according to the South Charleston Fire Chief,

"Our experience in litigation has shown time and time again that carbon monoxide inhalation, lead paint poisoning and asbestos exposure are often avoidable tragedies and silent killers, so it saddens me to learn of another seemingly wrongful death and so many injuries," said Motley Rice member attorney Vin Greene."With attorneys in both West Virginia and Rhode Island, Motley Rice has seen all too often how these tragedies can strike the most vulnerable and hardest working."

Motley Rice catastrophic injury lawyer Kevin Dean recently litigated a case involving a grandmother who was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from a boiler leak in her apartment. Her toddler grandson, who was also in the home, suffered severe neurological damage as a result of carbon monoxide exposure.

Read the full article on the hotel carbon monoxide leak in The Charleston Gazette.

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