Cargo plane bomb scares addressed by Mary Schiavo

The recent discovery of suspicious packages on cargo planes bound for the United States has led to an investigation into the security of airline cargo, especially regarding cargo coming from other countries. The flights, which originated in Yemen, were allegedly found to have explosive material capable of initiating a powerful blast and prompted the Department of Homeland Security to raise the advisory level to "High" for both international and domestic passenger and cargo flights. Officials believe that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula may be responsible for the bomb scare.

In response to the "mail bomb plot", Motley Rice aviation lawyer and former U.S. Department of Transportation Mary Schiavo stated in an interview with WJR Radio that other countries can't be trusted to implement the same security standards that the U.S applies to its cargo. She also said that the United States needs to make a greater effort to apply already existing laws dating back to 2007 that require complete cargo screening.