Watch WSB-TV’s interview with Motley Rice attorney Kevin Dean about potentially deadly Takata airbags

Motley Rice attorney Kevin Dean was interviewed by WSB-TV Atlanta reporter Jim Strickland about potentially deadly Tataka airbags in a segment that aired on July 2, 2015. The report also featured Motley Rice automotive expert Bill Williams of WISAT and Motley Rice client Cedric Walton, a Savannah, Ga., resident who was involved in a crash in March 2015. Cedric, who was driving with his two young children as passengers, suffered a severe neck injury when metal shrapnel allegedly shot out of the airbag and cut his throat. 

Motley Rice attorney Kevin Dean, who represents multiple people seriously injured by Takata airbags, has been working with forensic automotive expert Bill Williams and his team, conducting independent testing of the recalled airbags. 

“Takata knows more than we do about every bit of this, but they’re not coming forward and telling the public,” said Kevin.

While Takata has yet to determine the defect’s cause, Bill and his team have opened up several randomly selected Takata airbags and found cracks, rust and other evidence of moisture on internal components, including on the propellant tablets themselves.

In the WSB segment, Cedric Williams was asked to recount his shocking injury. 

“I reached up to try to see where the blood was coming from, and my finger went inside of my throat. That’s when I knew I had a major problem,” said Cedric.

The segment also discusses Law Suk Leh, a Malaysian woman who was eight months pregnant when she and her baby were killed in a crash involving her 2003 Honda City. Motley Rice represents the estate of Law Suk Leh. The Takata airbag in her car allegedly exploded, shot metal shrapnel at her, and ultimately caused her and her baby girl’s deaths. Filed on April 30, 2015, this is believed to be the first wrongful death suit filed in the United States involving a crash that occurred outside of the U.S.

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