Asbestos Lawyer Recognized: Garners prestigious award for working more than a decade on behalf of AAJ

Motley Rice asbestos attorney and member Nathan D. Finch has been named as the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Wiedemann and Wysocki Award winner. The award, presented at the 2013 AAJ Annual Convention in San Francisco, Calif., on July 21, 2013, “recognizes members who have given generously of their time and talents and by doing so have advanced projects and priorities of the Association.”

According to the AAJ, Wiedemann Wysocki Award recipients are honored for going above and beyond their commitments to the principles of the civil justice system and AAJ's mission. Through their leadership, these recipients are critical in membership recruitment, fundraising and issue advocacy. The award is named after two former AAJ members who were very active in promoting AAJ's interests in congressional and political affairs (and who were tragically killed in a plane crash while traveling on behalf of the AAJ).

Finch has assisted the AAJ with asbestos issues for many years. For the past decade he has given numerous presentations on various asbestos-related topics and legislation to members of the U.S. Congress, staffers and regulatory agencies.

“This award is a small token of our thanks for all the tireless work Nate has done to help the association with asbestos issues,” stated AAJ President Mary Alice McLarty. “We are appreciative of the contributions he has made to help the AAJ grow as an organization and we know that we will be able to rely on him for years to come.”

With almost two decades of experience in civil litigation, Finch holds a central role in Motley Rice’s work representing clients in various asbestos, toxic tort, commercial, securities fraud and other complex cases. His understanding of the factual and legal challenges inherent in complex cases, combined with his trial experience, has positioned him as a considerable resource within many practice areas, serving as lead attorney in many federal and state court trials.

His knowledge of asbestos and medical issues is an asset to many of the firm’s clients. He has applied his asbestos-related knowledge to cases involving a wide variety of asbestos-containing products, including gaskets, automotive brakes, floor tiles, joint compounds and various forms of insulation. In cases against asbestos product manufacturer defendants and cigarette makers Finch has obtained plaintiffs’ verdicts. He is often sought after by co-counsel seeking advice on challenging cases and complex legal matters and is frequently invited to speak on a variety of legal matters.