European Undercover Video: Nuvaring sales team entertain doctors at "educational seminar"

A recent videotape has surfaced showing a leading group of European obstetricians and gynecologists in a "pop-music" sing-a-long promoting the contraceptive drug Nuvaring while attending a sponsored medical education seminar, according to CBS's interactive business network, BNET.

The videotape follows a Swiss report claims that 40 women have died while taking Nuvaring, manufactured by Merck. More than 700 lawsuits have been filed against the company in the United States claiming that the drug resulted in serious harm or deaths of loved ones.

Birth control lawyer Carmen Scott says, "Women understand that taking birth control comes with risks; however, the risks aren't being clearly, truthfully or wholly represented to them. These manufacturers need to be held accountable for the drugs they put on the market and the tactics they use to get it into patients' hands."

Nuvaring sales were nearly $560 million last year. It is believed that Nuvaring may cause potentially lethal blood clots because of the consistent levels of hormones released by the ring, as opposed to the varying levels delivered by more traditional birth control medications, such as oral contraceptives.

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