Deadly Spruce Creek Fly-In Plane Crash under Investigation in Florida

A private plane crash in Port Orange, Fla., on a foggy evening, Dec. 27, 2016, tragically claimed two lives according to news reports.

The crash occurred as the 2009 single-engine Epic LT plane approached a private airport outside of Daytona Beach. The plane narrowly missed several homes in the nearby Spruce Creek Fly-In community before landing on a lawn around 6 p.m., officials said. The plane reportedly departed from an airport in Willmar, Minn., and flew to Cleveland, Tenn., before traveling to Florida.

Two people who were aboard the plane have been identified as Daryl Ingalsbe, CEO of the Nebraska-based company Independent Technologies Inc., and New London-Spicer school district employee Deb Solsrud. 

What caused the plane to crash remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board and others.

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