Previn Warren appointed to co-lead national social media youth harm MDL

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers appointed Motley Rice member attorney Previn Warren as co-lead counsel for national litigation concerning claims that defective social media products have caused children to become addicted, leading to severe mental health challenges including anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
Hundreds of cases have been filed in the growing litigation in the Northern District of California, In re Social Media Adolescent Addiction/Personal Injury Products Liability Litigation, case no. 4:22-md-03047. Through his leadership role, Previn will help oversee plaintiffs’ interests as the litigation evolves against social media giants including Meta.
Previn is a trial lawyer who works to protect the rights of individuals against unfair and abusive conduct by technology and media companies. Over the course of his career, he has litigated numerous cases against conglomerates like Sirius XM, Google and iHeartMedia, helping artists achieve fair compensation for use of their music. His work has generated hundreds of millions of dollars* in additional royalties for content creators. Billboard magazine named Previn one of 2022’s “Top Music Lawyers.”

"I look forward to giving our clients the opportunity to be heard in court, backed by a group of attorneys with such deep experience in high-stakes litigation," said co-lead counsel Previn Warren. "We will work together to seek justice for the families that have suffered as a result of allegedly defective and dangerous social media products.” 

Read the order announcing leadership in the Social Media MDL.

The hidden dangers of social media addiction

Motley Rice has filed multiple cases in California’s Superior Court in addition to the firm’s cases in the national MDL. The complaints allege Instagram and its parent company, Meta Platforms, exploited the insecurities of children to maximize profits and user growth by using algorithms that were designed to addict children and teens to the product.
Documents revealed by whistleblower Frances Haugen indicate that the defendants have known for years that Instagram has a toxic effect on the mental health of children, and in particular teen girls, the complaints allege. Instead of addressing the issue or warning consumers of the potential harm, allegedly Instagram downplayed and ignored internal and external research on the safety risks in order to boost user growth. The company also gave misleading statements in marketing materials and when testifying before Congress, the lawsuits claim.

If your child attempted or died by suicide, engaged in other self-harm or was diagnosed with an eating disorder that you believe was worsened due to social media including matters of Instagram or Facebook addictions, contact Previn Warren by email at any time for more information, or call 1.800.768.4026.