Virginia Asbestos Verdict: Jury rules in favor of plaintiffs in Virginia mesothelioma case

A liability verdict of $282,685 was issued today in Albemarle County, Va., against asbestos product manufacturers Ford and Honeywell after jurors found that both companies exposed a former state trooper to asbestos, leading him to contract the deadly lung disease mesothelioma at the age of 84.

The plaintiffs in this case were family members of James "Doug" Lokey, a former state trooper who died in 2007 following his battle against mesothelioma. Lokey was exposed to asbestos-containing automotive brakes as a result of his work for the Highway Patrol, which required him to certify state inspection stations between 1966 and 1974.

After more than two days of deliberation, a seven-member jury found both Ford and Honeywell negligent for failing to warm Lokey about the dangers of asbestos exposure while on the job. Motley Rice asbestos lawyers Nate Finch, John Herrick and James Ledlie represented Lokey's family with co-counsel Gary Kendall and Kyle McNew of Michie Hamlett.

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