American Association for Justice honors Ron Motley with Lifetime Achievement Award

Motley Rice announces that lawyer and founding member Ronald L. Motley was named the 2010 recipient of the American Association for Justice's Lifetime Achievement Award, its most distinguished honor, in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the legal profession and demonstrated commitment to the pursuit of justice. Mr. Motley will be presented with this honor on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, when he joins previous Lifetime Achievement Award recipients at the AAJ's annual convention in Vancouver, Canada.

A 1971 graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, Mr. Motley has been both an integral and influential part of the legal profession for more than thirty years. Having first made his mark by boldly taking on pioneering litigation involving asbestos, the Johns Manville case, and on behalf of the Attorneys General against Big Tobacco, he steadily grew to become an internationally acknowledged U.S. trial lawyer, one known as much for his zeal and creativity as his legal skill in the courtroom. Over the years, he has not only helped establish a complex civil litigation firm, but he has pursued cases and invested heavily in litigation against daunting opponents, including alleged terrorist financiers of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. His fearless leadership, intolerance for defeat, and commitment to safeguarding the rights of those harmed by corporate malfeasance have impacted thousands of lives and influenced societal change throughout our civil justice system.

"Ron has dedicated his entire legal career to advocating for justice and equality, both at home and abroad, and I am proud to celebrate this landmark achievement with such a deserving friend and colleague," said Motley Rice co-founder Joe Rice. "His years of client advocacy and progressive legal skills coupled with his passion and respect for the law have inspired those in the legal profession and given hope to those who depend upon others to give them a voice. Ron is a walking representation of the values that are fundamental to our country's justice system and the rights of citizens worldwide."

Recognized by The National Law Journal as "One of the most influential lawyers in America," Mr. Motley has won a number of additional honors for his impact on the course of civil litigation and commitment to fighting on behalf of his clients. In 1998, the AAJ named him its Harry M. Philo Trial Lawyer of the Year, and he was honored with the National Association of Attorneys General's President's Award. The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids presented Mr. Motley with its Youth Advocates of the Year Award in 1999 for his dedication to children and the health of our nation, and he was once again recognized by the AAJ in 2007 when he was chosen to receive the David S. Shrager President's Award for his work on behalf of American consumers. In addition to his contributions to the legal community, Mr. Motley has remained a powerful presence in the community, promoting public health and safety on behalf of America's citizens and rallying behind causes about which he is passionate. A member of numerous associations, including the AAJ, Mr. Motley contributes to several non-profit organizations throughout the nation and is the founder of the Mark Elliot Motley Foundation, a foundation that he created in loving memory of his son to benefit the many needs of children and young adults throughout South Carolina communities.

Established on August 16, 1946, by a small group of attorneys seeking to promote justice and address the challenges inherent in trial advocacy, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) is now the world's largest trial bar and an organization that supports victims' rights worldwide.  AAJ, formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, consists of an international coalition of lawyers, paralegals, law professors and law students whose mission is to strengthen the justice system through education and advocacy. By supporting the work of attorneys, the AAJ seeks to ensure that that any victim of misconduct or negligence can achieve justice in a U.S. courtroom. The organization's Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honor awarded by the AAJ, is given annually to an individual who has continually demonstrated courage and excellence in trial advocacy, not only contributing to the legal profession but also to his or her community and society as a whole. For more information about this award and how you can attend the AAJ Annual Convention, visit

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