BP "emergency six month payment" claims deadline coming

The interim claims deadline for the six month emergency payment from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is just one week away.  It is currently set for next Tuesday, November 23, 2010.

There have been rumors and statements leading potential claimants to believe the deadline will be extended, but, as of now, the deadline remains November 23, 2010. This deadline affects those who are in need of an emergency payment, not those waiting on a final settlement or who may later have a valid "interim" payment request.

Motley Rice BP oil spill lawyer Kevin Dean said anyone in the Gulf Coast region who was financially affected by the oil spill should file his or her claim as quickly as possible. He also warned that those claimants who have been contacted by an adjustor and offered a final settlement, instead of an emergency payment, should be wary of accepting any offers before speaking with an attorney.  Most attorneys, including those with Motley Rice, would be happy to talk to anyone regarding these offers free of charge for an inital consultation.

"We have clients who are being contacted by adjustors and offered inadequate final settlements with no reason or explanation given for the amount offered. The claims adjustors are taking advantage of the fact that our clients are in desperate financial situations and afraid they will lose their cars and homes, so they offer them far less than they deserve."

Dean also noted that some emergency claims are being paid within weeks while others have been waiting for months with no correspondence or explanation from the claims facility. The GCCF is administered by Kenneth R. Feinberg, law partner at the Washington D.C.-based law firm Feinberg Rozen, LLP.

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